viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

jamás escuchen esta canción

Lie, while you're even early. Deny, that you're in any hurry. Cry, and tell me not to worry 'cause what I don't know, is never gonna hurt me. Breathe, now baby don't feel guilty. Deceive me, then just walk away. Leave me, the truth will only kill me. It's gotta be, it's gotta be this way...

One more bad excuse before you turn me lose. Give me something to remember you by... Couldn't you offer me a little dishonesty. Promise me you'll try, you'll lie to me.

Go, your plane is not gonna stay. Slow, so I can take it in. And so you say you'll see me later, when you know you won't see me again. Please before you let go of me take me one more time. Appease me, tell me that you love me, that you haven't gone and change your mind...

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